And So The Adventure Begins...Launch of Sharon White Designs!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Starting a small business has been something I have talked about for many years but I have never gone further than talking about it. There is a quote I heard recently which says 'you will never regret what you do in life, you will only regret what you don't do' (Wayne Dyer). I don't want starting a small business to be one of those things I never try, leaving me always wondering what could have been. So, I have decided to just go for it!

Some people seem so passionate about what they are doing in life, there is an excitement that radiates from them. This is something that I wanted for myself. So a few years ago I set about trying to discover what my passion is. Something I came across to consider was to remember what you loved doing as a child. Thinking back, I remembered that I always enjoyed creating things, and spent hours making cards for family and friends.

I think the sweet spot for me is where creating is combined with learning new skills and encouraging others. Designing greeting cards achieves this perfectly and this is why I am launching Sharon White Designs with a collection of greeting cards. I love how you can put a smile on someone's face by sending something thoughtful in the post.

I am planning to branch out into designing pictures, gifts and stationery. Currently in the pipeline are; a range of baby milestone cards, a collection of encouragement & empathy cards and personalised adorable alphabet nursery prints. I am also excited about starting to work on a range of designs inspired by my faith. So watch this space!

My designs are a culmination of things I have enjoyed doing for relaxation over the last few years, including learning how to do brush lettering and the art of zentangle-creating beautiful images using structured patterns. I am inspired by all things around me, including nature, patterns and colour. I aim to create designs which celebrate all aspects of life, spread joy and encourage in those difficult times!

I hope I might inspire you to just go for it with something you have been thinking about doing for a while but haven't taken any action towards. Or perhaps, as my journey to launching my business started, it might spark a path of trying to discover what your passion is/what makes you tick. I'd love to hear what you used to enjoy as a child and whether this is something you are rediscovering a love for as an adult.

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